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Hair can be further contaminated externally as well as from internal. For example with Cocaine or meth , you can use it just one day and it will spread throughout  the hair via sweat and appear as though you have used for weeks . THC leaves its mark during use and contrary to allot of misinformation from others it doesn't migrate in the hair via sweat its only contaminated as it grows from the sebum or oils in the scalp.

One time use of THC will not show up in  hair

THC requires repeated use to show up however regular use builds up and then puts out at a constant high levels  detox  can take a month or more depending on your activity level 


Nothing Special about any detox products

Companies that sell over prices total body detox programs are scamming you 

ALL drugs except repeated THC use leaves the body in 5 days anyway

THC must be released from the fat stores by cardio first before it can be flushed you will want to learn proactive steps in minimizing your contamination completely detox the body of all toxins and keep the hair from having added toxins introduced.

For regular  THC use you will have to do some cardio while flushing for 7 days then test at home. If you test in less than 2 weeks and are regular user treatment will takes longer and detoxing wont have much of an effect .


During this time you will take an inexpensive  liver detox supplements (natures way is fine ) with water before cardio , then wash hair after your work out with Neutrogena   TSAL  ( not TGEL like the boneheads at our competitor tells people) .  TSAL will dry up the oil production in the scalp and keep the hair from further contamination during detox .

When you do the home THC test from Walgreens you  MUST  do your cardio late at night without fluids then test the first urine in the morning






By detoxifying, waste and toxins get flushed out of our bodies. Our organs, especially those that are involved in the process of waste elimination, such as the liver, kidney, skin and colon are rejuvenated and can then work optimally again.

Milk thistle - Is one of the strongest liver detox available

Dandelion - This is an herb that is good for the whole body, specifically the immune system. It works to eliminate toxins from the cells in the body. It also increases bile and helps it move along. It is credited with boosting white blood cells thus strengthening the immune system.

Licorice Root - This herb has properties that work like an antioxidant, fight viruses and helps the body produce antibodies.

Garlic � Garlic is the classic kitchen-pharmacy remedy and has been used for centuries as an antiseptic. It detoxifies the gut and helps the bowels function properly. It works like a laxative in making the bowels move regularly.

Goldenseal - this herb is well known for its cleansing power. It can rid the body of toxins and help to remove obstructions.

phylum - This herb also works to help move the bowels.


The main purpose of using herbs to detox is to aid your organs to remove toxins from the body, usually through the bowels. Herbs tend to be gentler on your system than other methods. In addition, some herbs have other therapeutic abilities. Consult a qualified herbalist for the use of herbs to detox naturally.


a week after your detoxed and pass a home test first thing in the morning after a late night workout you can use the product without it coming back.





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