Allot of people get confused on what a "set"  is and how many treatment that is


ONE SET   IS  15 - 20 treatments depending on hair  



WHEN YOU ARE ADVISED TO USE 1  SET  ,.... THIS IS ONE SET ............         .....TWO SETS       GET IT  ?







Q: will cutting my hair help


A:  YES  & NO!    if your hair is 12" long cutting half of it off is foolish, they throw away all but the first 1.5"   even at 1" they just grab more strands  , collection is very standardized . However if your only use was 3 months ago and your hair is cut to .5"  - 1"  then you do not have the 3rd month in the collection window .


 Q:  how many treatments can I do per day

A:  As many as you want , they can be done back to back if needed ,  (generally you take number of needed treatments divide  by  days to test to get the minimum per day.) If you have a week to test and need a double set ( 40 treatments) 40  divided by 5 if your minimum per day 


Q: Does it work every time and is there a guarantee?

A:  yes and by that I mean, if you go get a pre treatment test so you know your levels then you will see it does destroy and lower your levels. You do not just put it in and its all gone , it doesn't work that way this is not a shampoo it is a chemical treatment .

YOU have a certain level based on YOUR history , and that determines the amount of treatment needed to get the level down below the threshold, working and passing are different words, I also do not have control if you are clean or stay clean or tell me the truth or can follow direction so no way in hell will we provide any kind of guarantee, what I can do is tell you truthfully what it will take based on your history to make it happen if it can be done or if I donít think it can be done based on your history and time you have ,

if you want to use a SHAMPOO that has a BS money back guarantee go ahead , We have a NO BS Guarantee

Q: What drugs does hair razor work on?

 A:  ALL Drugs are destroyed the same


Q: When do I use it?

A: If you are clean it will be permanent and you do not need to use just before test, if not clean then treatment is timed out so last treatment is within a day of test . sooner you start the fewer per day needed.

Q: Does it really work, will I pass?

 A: This product destroys and metabolizes, it is not the BS other products that talk about washing things out, you can only wash away a small percentage of external contamination from oils and sweat. the part that grow out has to be broken down or metabolized into a lower metabolite that they don't test for, so the more treatments the more its broken down, the higher the starting point the more treatment will be needed, but it always works,  how much depends on the starting level and the amount of treatment.


Q: How do we do it?
A: There are 2 separate formulas that are applied  by fine tooth comb to the hair (not the scalp) 15 min each  for each 30 minute treatment  .


Q : How long does it last?

A:  If you are truly clean then it is permanent the levels wont go back up unless you reuse , (With THC heavy daily use , it can take a month to detox so treatment needs to be spread out if test date is weeks away as re-growth will be dirty for 1 - 3 weeks ) . 


Q: What type of treatment is it ?

A:   This is not a shampoo or masking agent , Hair Razor is a chemical agent applied with fine tooth comb to first 2" that metabolizes ( breaks down) the metabolites.  It takes time their is no wash and go solution to this .


Q: How long does the treatment take?

               A:  30 minutes per treatment plus application time ( 5 - 15 min depending on hair length , product is applied only to first 2 " from scalp )  



Q: Can I use Hair Razor on my body hair as well as the hair on my scalp?

 A: Yes you can,  if the head hair is a half inch or less they will look for something longer , face chest and underarm are the usual but leg hair is possible last resort so if head hair is a half inch or barely over,  all other body hair should be trimmed under a half inch just before test.

DO NOT get it on skin for extended periods or you will look like this




Q: Why does Hair Razor have multiple steps and others have one?

A: Hair Razor is formulated to perform specific actions in each step. It is ineffective  to use certain chemicals in combination with others. Different drug metabolizing processes require different formulations so we developed 2 separate formulations to maximize results for all drug metabolites .


Q: Once I use Hair Razor Wash, will my hair be permanently free of toxins?

A: Yes , After completion and providing your clean and you don't reuse or recontamination can easily occur.  


Q: How do I truly know if I am clean?

A: To properly perform a home urine test abstain for 5 days min. during this time you want to exercise, eat high protein and take herbal liver detox  (dandelion root , milk thistle) . On the fifth day you will not exercise, then use a home urine test first thing in the morning on day 6. if you already have abstained for 6 days then just test first thing in the morning.

Normally 7 days after this you are clear to begin Hair razor treatment. If it has been 2 weeks since last use you are already good to go with the treatment. You do not have to be totally clean of all THC to use Hair Razor.


Q: Why do a few people say it doesn't work?

A:  They are misstating themselves, it always works. They mean to say they didn't pass and this is very different.  If you do not consult with us then you don't know how many treatments are needed and if you require 30 and you do 12 then you will not lower it enough and it is your fault not the products, but it is still WORKING. It can be proven, just have a pretreatment test done to see you ACTUAL levels and after consultation and treatment the post treatment test will prove it worked because you will see the actual significant reduction. Some send us the pre and post test result along with the testimonials (a couple are posted on this site).


Q: Is Hair Razor Wash safe to use? Will it damage my hair ?

A: Hair Razor is the most powerful process but it is safe as long as you follow the instruction exactly.



Q: What exact toxins can HAIR RAZOR remove from my hair?

A: Hair Razor will BREAK DOWN ALL TOXINS ( you dont wash them out) , chemicals, drugs and there metabolites from the hair.

Q: How far back will a hair analysis go?

A: 30 days for each half inch of hair up to 1.5 inches or 90 days.


Q: What is all this talk about Aloe Rid and propylene Glycol?

A: People have learned that the original aloe rid was a hair treatment that was said to be useful in hair toxin testing ( Mild THC USE ) . Problem is they learned about a year too late. Because the makers already had limited sales to 1 oz tiny tubes in 2007  before changing the formula altogether and as of 3-1-09 Sallies beauty no longer sells the only knock off . As for the propylene glycol we use it in various levels in our different products. its not a magical ingredient its just a penetrating agent, its used in everything from lotions , shampoo, make-up even dog food. ... nothing really special to it .


Q: Can Hair Razor work on all drugs like cocaine?

A: Yes ...coke is a different animal than the rest ,   the incorporation rate is 4000 times that of other drugs  because it travels in the sweat and is in the hair within hours and continues to come out for 5 days .The way it is tested is also different,  usually it is 1 drug and it's main metabolite but they go 3 metabolite levels  deep with coke so you have to do more treatments , hair razor destroys the metabolite and it becomes a subclass and then you do more treatments to break it down, then  more and more to the 4th level ,  now  because it also binds to melanin you cant get to all of it with just the treatments. The darker the hair the more melanin and thus more binding material so when they dissolve it for testing they can still find it , 


Q: What drugs are included in a standard analysis?

A: Cocaine (including crack), marijuana (THC and metabolite -THC COOH), opiates (including heroin), amphetamines (both methamphetamine and Ecstasy), and phencyclidine (PCP). 

Q: can I use other things on my hair with hair razor

A: You can do whatever you want, however we don't recommend you go experimenting with some unexplained "Mcmethode" treatment as the random use of products can interfere with hair razor if used just before treatment. There is nothing that any pimple wash or laundry detergent will do for your hair other than fry it  .  We guarantee if you somehow failed a Hair test and used any other product we will pay for all of it (you will need to show levels before and after you purchase each step)