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How to Pass a Drug Test 

Do you need help passing a drug test?  We can help. Our  Synthetic powder Urine has never failed ( and never will) in over 13 years .  With the best Hair & Urine Products, Pass It can help you during this stressful time.


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Passing a drug test is critical for most people, and we have solutions for almost any situation. Our products were created scientifically to guarantee you see the results you need. "Fake It "Urine and "Hair Razor" were created more than a decade ago and we have been the leaders ever since. Whether you need to know how to pass a hair drug test or you’re in need to pass a urine test , we’re here to make it easy. Our goal at is to provide you with accurate, extensive and helpful information about passing drug tests. We offer premium substitution products not overpriced temporary flushing drinks that DO NOT keep you from failing due to a low creatinine and specific gravity level. Our Hair System destroys and metabolizes the problem it's not just some detox shampoo. Receive straightforward advice about how to pass a drug test by customer service with first hand knowledge.

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