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Hair Razor  User  Testimonials





Sent  8/10/2015

I must say that this product more than lives up to the hype!  I was a daily smoker for quite a few years when the job of a lifetime landed in my lap... Pending a hair test!  I found out about it before the first interview so I immediately stopped smoking and got a high and tight flat top (military hair cut) 1".  Being prior service they never questioned it, but that only left me with 3 weeks of not smoking and short hair, but the very front was just long enough to test.  I also trimmed all body hair to 1/4" to avoid any other collection sites.  I did the consult and was told 40 treatments but I only had time for half that .  Even with the half treatments and short notice I passed!  Great product!    ( 40 treatment consult was for hair before it was cut , best not to cut hair unless advised )




 Sent 6/19/2015

 Thanks great product!  Did the consult and used EXACTLY as i was told.  Not a very heavy thc user,  but did use several times in the weeks
 before my test. Passed ! Job of a lifetime ...thanks again



Sent 6/17/2015

Marijuana user for years.  For some reason, doing all the online research made me think weed was the worst bet for passing the hair test. 
 I stayed clean for about 2 months and used the consult.  I am still in disbelief that I actually passed (psychemedics).  I have 4-5" hair and didn't need
 to cut it at all.  Will recommend this product for anyone in need.  Thanks a billion!



Sent 6/12/2015

Passed my test thanks a lot for your help



Sent 6/9/2015

Hey so i got the job your product does work thank you



Sent 6/8/2015

Was around 70ish days clean from 3 different types of drugs, needed to pass a test for a job and passed! Did about 35 treatments have 1-2 in hair, my hair changed color a little bit but so worth it this product is the TRUTH thank you!!



Sent 6/4/2015

I got word that had to a take hair test. So of course freaking out went to the  Internet and hair razor seemed to have best reviews as long  as had consultation. With some doubt I decided to give it a  shot and was told to do 20 sets so I did .   results came in and I passed. So would recommend


Sent 6/1/2015


Just a quick note to thank you for your product.  Had smoked weed; a couple of
 one-hitters daily for years.  Was dry for about 30 days before test.  (6) days notice before test.  Still, did 40 treatments in (4) days with success per consultation.  Head was a little raw.  1 ½” hair.  Healed up  nicely.  Hair follicle test was negative.  Glad I found your product.  Will highly  recommend.  Thanks.






Sent  6/2/2015


I'm a female who is in a middle of a bitter custody battle. My husband and I were asked to do a hair follicle text because his girlfriends daughter called all of us druggies. I unfortunately was not prepared because I've been using the whit stuff 2-4 grams a month on weekends. I ordered 60 testaments and did 55 in a week. With suggested olive oil  treatments every night. I bleached and re dyed my hair back to brown and took the test. 

NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!  Amazing feeling to know that my child will not suffer because of my stupidity.  My hair is NOT fried. It's super long. 

FYI. Before the treatments my test was at 3450 for Cocaine. Thank you to all of u at Passkit for doing what you promise.  





Sent 5/11/2015

I have used your product with success 2x's before I know it works. The consult questions for this next test follow; ...



Sent 4/24/2015

Heyyy.. just got the results...NEGATIVE...THANK YOU, THANK YOUR TEAM, ILL THANK GOD!!!!




Sent 4/20/2015

I wanted to let you know I got my results yesterday can't thank you enough see attachment negative (please black out my name if you were going to post my results,  I just sent them so you could see. Thanks a million


Sent 4/18/2015

I wanted to let you know I got my results yesterday can't thank you enough , see attached negative results



Sent 3/ 20/2015


Hello, I have a question if your not to busy, I used your product 10 times mailed in a hair confirm test and I passed.



Sent 3/15/2015



 I did 31 treatments out of one set and have 1-2 inch hair.

You have amazing support and I would recommend this to everyone I meet in need.

I will say your website does not look like the most trustworthy
source, but hey it worked!

Thanks a lot! I ow
e you one








Sent 2 /17/2015


I had a hair follicle test last Friday. Got results today. Negative!!!
Only three weeks clean from the White.
Listen and do exactly what the Consultant requires. This guy knows his shit.
See you later Probation. Eat a dick.
Thanks Hair Razor you only one I'll ever use or recommend







Sent  2/17/2015

Usage was 2 to 3 grams of coke for a month and a little marijuana no more than a gram.  I have ordered a double set twice and I get 30 to 33 treatments per set, I kept tally and last double set I got 68 treatments because I have no more that a inch of hair to treat on my head, I am sure it works alone because I have never beat a hair test with just bleaching, with hair razor you can't go wrong.




Sent 2 /8/2015


I have used your product one other time in the past and it was AMAZING. The results were exactly as u said. I, however, have fell back into using and need another consult . Way too much to lose Thank you for all your time.. I REALLY do appreciate it.



Sent 11/20/2014


I contacted you a few weeks ago and have included the information again below. I used the double treatment and went and paid for a 5 panel test and passed. Thank you for this. My question is...





Sent 10/27/2014


I needed to pass a hair test for court.  I have been using Heroin once a week for 8 weeks or so.  I also take methadone daily and some oxycodone every once in a while.  I did an incredible amount of research.  I got conflicting information everywhere.  All other hair treatments got a bad rap in some shape or form.  The hair razor website didn’t look professional, it made me very leery and hesitant but time was running out and I had to do something. 

I followed their instructions on their website and emailed them for a consultation first.  I was surprised when I got an email back within the hour explaining to me what I needed to do.  I stress that I followed their website and sent them the information they requested in the format they requested it in. Still I wasn’t convinced…  I emailed them a couple more times with specific questions and again got a prompt response with the answers I was looking for.  They kept stressing that it will work if I follow the instructions. So I went to purchase the product.  They said I needed a double dose.  I experienced problems on their website when ordering.  There was no option for Canada.  Again I emailed them and again got a prompt response.  He asked me to call them.  I called an he manually placed the order and promptly followed up with an email with detailed information about the order including a tracking number.  Once again I was impressed.   

The product arrived when he said it would and I read the instructions, again I had questions and emailed them.  Again they responded right away with the answers. The process was brutal.  I won’t lie.  I needed 30 treatments with each treatment consisting of 2 doses.  Each dose took 15 to 20 min to apply and then wait with it in for 15 min.  It took over 30 hours & over two weeks to do.  I have hair that is approximately 16 inches long.   The day came to get my hair test.  I was so nervous.  The results came back in 24 hours and was clean of everything.  It didn’t show any use of any drug or medications that I had taken.  I couldn’t believe that it actually worked.  I stress to those who need to pass a test.  Don’t take any short cuts, follow their instructions.  It does work.  Those who say it doesn’t must not have done it right.

 I have never sent in a testimonial to any product or anything at all.  But felt that these people deserved it so I wrote this.  Thank you Hair Razor for all you help and support.




Sent 09/26/214


Just wanted to get back to you guys on my recent drug test. 

 I had roughly done about 2 grams of the white and did 26 treatments of the hair razor set. I was told 20 treatments would cover up to 2 grams of usage so I did a little extra to be sure.  I am happy to announce that I did get the job and PASSED my hair follicle tests with no problems! 

 Thank you so much for your products because they DO WORK if followed properly!!



Sent 9/25/2014

I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with your product, but I did want to ask your advice once more. It turned out that my test did not happen this week as I had thought. It will happen, but not for another couple weeks. In the meantime I used a HairConfirm test, and the results came back completely negative. Thank you!! 

My question is, if the test is in two to three weeks will I need to do any more washes because of the new hair that has grown. I have not used any substances since our consultation. A : (As long as your clean , levels wont go back up , its permanent)

Thank you for your help



Sent 9/08/2014


I had a hair test scheduled for 09/02/14 I started using the product 6 days prior.  I am a light smoker but it was less than a month the last time I consumed marijuana and I passed the test.

So Happy Thank you guys! Will definitely recommend to others.




Sent 08/29/ 2014

I had been doing meth several times a week up to about 3 weeks before my test when I decided enough was enough, then my soon to be ex wife pops a hair test on me so I use about a set and a half of your product and to my surprise all negative I was skeptical cuz I had been burned by other products but what can I say but thanks this really worked


Sent  08/23/2014

Thank you for your great product! I used hair razor for only half the suggested treatments because the drug test date was moved and I still passed my test! I will recommend hair razor to anyone needing a detox product. Thanks again!



Sent 08/21/2014


I did my hair drug test on Tuesday. I just got the call back from the company and I PASSED!!! Thanks so much!! I'll spread the word. 




Sent 08/16/2014


Hey. Ive purchased from you back in March. I was overlooked and had two others targeted for hair strand test. I shared your product. Don't you know, three days later, I was the target. The other two with your product passed with flying colors. I, with no time to spare, ended up in a smoke shop for shampoo..and you guessed it..failed.I have been clean since July 3 . Over the rough patch and going strong. I want to do a self pay hair strand test. (Just want to be sure I pass) The hair test near the end of Junes result was 2,000. I don't know if that would've been with that sucky shampoo working or not. Please let me know what I need to purchase for desired results. Your help and time is greatly appreciated.
Sincerely A




Sent 8/12/2004


Just wanted to share:
- Daily smoker here, bat or two per day for years and years, good quality ganj
- Short notice hair test, just 5 days clean.
- Did 20 treatments (you guys told me 15 but I had spare time!)
- Was worried for NOTHING!

This product really works.  I'm not some fake-ass forum browser hired by hair razor's manufacturers.  I'm a real guy who has an awesome engineering job thanks to hair razor.  Just follow the instructions, and you'll pass with flying colors.  Yes, it works great on body hair, too!

I will recommend this to anyone who needs to pass a hair test.  I even stocked up for next time!

Thanks, hair razor, you're the best!





Sent 7/21/20147

Second time using hair razor. For all you pot smokers please listen to me.. I do NO other drugs but marijuana. I have very thick black hair approx 24 inches long. I smoke pot every day about two grams a day of high test shit. Love to smoke. I found this product on line and used it once already and passed my hair follicle test. So test number two has arrived. I have been smoking  2 grams for four straight months. I have absolutely  NO clean time with each test. I even smoked the whole day before I tested. That night I bought the same amount, 2 double sets. I did one set at night and the next in the morning. Went for my test right after my olive oil conditioner, shit my hair was even still wet. Got my results today,... Passed again!! I swear by this product. I wish I could give something back to these people who make this cuz it has saved my life. But you MUST have the consultation. These people will tell u exactly how much u need. If anyone failed a test for pot using hair razor then they didn't have consult or didn't follow the instructions, which u have to b a real idiot to screw it up its sooo easy. My head was raw but that's the price I pay for no clean time and cramming 60 treatments in 24 hrs. I am a faithful customer since I have more tests to take. My friends are amazed that I pass lol. I have recommended this to anyone I know. If it's pot u smoke, you will pass every time.





Sent 7/11/2014

Let me start by saying this guy knows his shit. I got the job offer of a lifetime and like everyone looking at this page   I obviously made some bad decisions. I was a heavy snow white user for a couple years. I had one week to get my hair clean. I ordered three sets of hair razor did 45 treatments with oxidation and my results came back Negative for everything. I did about two grams of white two weeks before my test. Before that about five grams two months before my test. Don't buy anything else except hair razor. Make sure you get a consultation and this guy will talk you through everything. He has excellent customer service answering any questions you have.  My family and I owe him the world. Thanks again brother you changed my life.


Sent 7-8/2014

I used the recommended dosage of treatments (3 sets) and my test was on July 1st, I got my results back today and I PASSED!! Thank you so much for creating such an awesome product!!!

Sent 6/16/2014

I cut the hair last Friday and sent it in to confirm and it came back negative for  cocaine . thank you thank you thank you.



Sent 6/13/2014

I want to let you know that I took the Hair Test on Monday 6/9 and I received the results today!!! 

 I passed!!!!!  Thanks for your help!!!



Sent 6/02/2014

Just wanted to thank you guys so much, I passed my hair drug screen. 




Sent 5/31/2014

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the pshycemedics hair test. Just found out yesterday evening. Thanks for your help. And thanks for telling me to trim my body hair down because they looked everywhere trying to find hair longer than my head hair. The hair on my head was about 5/8" long and I trimmed all body hair to about a 1/4". It worked , the wait was stressful but you got me through it. My family and myself thank you..



sent 5/9/2014


 I did exactly what you said, 20+ treatments and put step 1 in hair right before I walked in to test. Results came back negative.  I can't think you enough for the help. I have to admit I was skeptical until I had results in my hand. Everything I read on website and was told by consultation was 100% the truth and just felt that at the very least I owed a huge thanks. You guys have a great product and are even better at what you do. I was so pleased with the process that I would have payed double the asked price if I knew how well it worked. 


Sincere thanks



Sent 4/ 24/2014


Just wanted to let you know that I passed my hair test. You are a fucking life saver! I can't even begin to explain the weight you just took off my chest. I am speechless. I will for sure spread the word about your product to anyone that is ever in the same predicament I was in. 

Sent from my iPhone



Sent 4/10/2014


What up what up what up my hair razor specialist. So I took my hair drug test 2 days ago. 
After religiously following your steps. I washed my hair with your shit 65 times. Every day multiple times a day for 12 days. 
Mind you I'm a decade plus bong smoker who mashed weed on a regular AND I smoked the entire time I was using the treatments. 
Anyway I went to orientation today from 8-5 pm and they didn't say anything to me. So I'm assuming I passed the dreaded hair test. 
Your shit is legit. I was skeptical at first but it truly does work.


Sent 4/10/2014

Hair follicle negative!!!!! Thanks

Sent 4/4/2014

This is my story.... Smoked about 2 grams of high test marijuana EVERY day for 58 days. I've used Hair Razor before so I knew it worked, however I smoked right down to the 59th of my test. I was nervous though cuz this time I didn't know my levels. People GET THE CONSULT!!!!  These people tell u exactly how many treatments u need. Me, I used two double set heavy use. I did one treatment, the night before and the next morning did 45 more. That's four sets. My scalp hurt real bad but that's the price I paid for having no clean time. Five days later NEGATIVE for pot!!! I have hair follicle tests every three months for next two years!! I've already ordered more. Trust me everyone this is no bullshit! I would be the spokesperson for this stuff! 


Sent 4/1/2014

Thank you, I got the results from Hairconfirm today and it was negative!


Sent 218/2014

3 times use of opiate pretest with hair confirm came up positive near 300pg  , omega cutoff was 200 so i did couple sets,   thank you for everything I passed with flying colors. You guys saved me AGAIN!! I ordered more just to keep around. Thanks again.




Sent 2-5-14

i have been doing coke for the past several years. averaging 6 or so grams a month. My hair was over 3 inches. I had a hair test coming up for a new position and I had two to three weeks to get clean. Due to the amount of usage and a short testing window, I was told to cut my hair down to .5 inches and do 60 treatments asap. I did them in a week. It was a tedious process and sometimes my scalp became sensitive....but it WORKED! I did a pretest and got the results back today and I passed. This product really works! .

Very much appreciative for honesty in marketing and delivering the goods! The consultations kept me in the game!






Sent 1-15-14

Smoked pot 4-5 times per week on and off for about 6 months and small amount of coke  probably 2 grams in 3 months

and 15mg oxycodone (prescribed) 5-6 times per day for 4 years. I have long hair and could not cut it .

I used the heavy use double set you suggested and Passed !  I am seriously so grateful for you guys. Thank you for being so much help with all the questions  Thank you.



Sent  Thurs 12 Dec 2013

I am one of the best technicians in XXXXXXXX  and this is why they had called me in for the interview.  They tracked me down I did not track them down. I am hoping they are just trying to put fear into me but I doubt it considering this company has spent millions building the production plant and want the best technicians period. I have been consistent with 1/4 gram to 1 gram of marijuana everyday for the past 6 months. did 30+ treatments from a heavy use double set as instructed.

 I want to say Thank You.  I received a call just now to move forward with the process with whom I had to pass with. think I am good. Thank you Mr. Consultant.

Peace and Harmony

I'm out.

Science vs. Science.. I feel like Bond.



Sent  Tue Dec 10 2013


Nov 20th  ....

i have been clean 1 month  and prior I have been a coke user for about 2 years now prior to stopping a month ago .
 Ball park I used about 6 grams or less of coke per month (about 1.5 gram a week on Saturdays) I am getting an amazing job opportunity at work and will have to soon (maybe about a week or two) will have to go in for a HFT. I did the Maccujo method to the tee twice and I went in for my own HFT with Quest Diagnostics to get a piece of mind of where I was standing. Turns out my test came back positive for Cocaine.

completed 37 treatments (with 4 sets ) I bleached my hair last night


Dec 10th  .... I passed!!!!







Sent Fri 06 Nov 2013


OMG, I cannot believe it. I passed my hair follicle test using your product! I used oxycodone 10mg 4 times per day for over 2 months. I am a female with long, black hair and did 52 treatments w oxidation.  It was a long, long process but well worth it! I can’t thank you enough.



SENT Tue, 26 Nov 2013

I thought I was like totally fucked!!  Failing a test for me means 5 years in a penitentiary. Hair razor and your consultation saved my ass.  I would like to write a referral for you and your product.  I took a boatload of cocaine and mdma.  A boatload.  The previous two months I had done at least 5 grams of mdma and at least 3 to 5 grams of cocaine.  At least.    Followed your consultation to the letter.  In fact, I did 52  treatments and then suggested follow up oxidation whole process took 20 days .  Hair length was only 3/4 of an inch but i found an independent testing company to do my test before Main test .  Tested yesterday got results today of negative on 5 pane hair test.  Even if it comes back with positive I have a negative test result before theirs and there is no reason there won't be a negative test on Dec. 4th with them.  Thank you my brother from the bottom of my heart.  I truly thought I was totally fucked on this one!! Let me know how and where you want the glittering referral. 


Sent 9/16/2013

Here's my testimonial. I feel it's the least I can do.
Dear Hair Razor:

I PASSED!! Thank you so much for offering a product that actually works as promised. Not only did the hair razor system help me pass a
gc/ms analysis, it also helped me get a new lease on life. I am happy to say I am now working my dream job as a cancer research scientist
with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world!

My advice to others is to be sure to get the consolation and follow the directions to the T. These guys really know their product! Also,
be sure to get in at least the minimum number of treatments for your particular case. I only had about 48hrs to submit my sample from the
time i found out about the test. I stayed up all night in order to do 30 treatments in one day. My scalp was raw but it paid off. I would
seriously recommend Hair Razor over any of those 'masking shampoos' on the market. Thanks again Hair Razor!

~Tears of Joy




Sent 9-9-2013

I used about 28 grams from the last week in June until the last day of July  - used a heavy use double set of treatments




k, thank you!




Sent  8/ 20/ 2013

Best testimonial I can offer is I used the product and passed the hair test.
 Get the consult, order the product, follow the directions exactly.
 If I can offer some advice, have plenty of clean dry towels handy. Clear your schedule as best you can. Develop a routine and stick to it. I just started a great new job after being unemployed for almost 3 months, and would not have passed my hair test without this product.



Sent 8/7/2013

I want to thank you for your product, which DOES work. As long as you are sure to consult and follow directions properly, you definitely can lower your levels enough to pass provided you do enough of the treatments, and basically I would recommend doing AS MANY as time and funds allow you to do. The reason I say that is because after several years, 10+ of Heavy High Grade medical marijuana use,
I had a hair follicle test after trying Mac method, Omni shampoo, AND Zydot shampoo TOGETHER and the results gave me a 32.8 pg/ml yikes. After using hair razor for 37 treatments, my levels re-tested by the same facility were at 10.7. so even though I did not actually pass my test, I still want to write a review to state that this stuff definitely works, but since the cut off levels for thc are so low due to haterism, I unfortunately did not pass however if there ever is a next time, I'm for sure using this product again just more of it. Thanks again, God Bless.



 Sent 7-15-2013


I have in the past three month used over five grams of cocaine.  I got over 20 years smoking so  I get the heavy use  double ,   so I received my package on  Friday only have time to do 2 treatment at night  Friday ,  Saturday  I need to work so I was available to start the treatment after three o'clock ,  I did 12 more so in 2 days I did 14 total so I did another 16 on Sunday and  my head was burning but pain is nothing when u want the job.  I bleach my hair and redye take the text  on Monday result came Thursday,... nothing in my hair  and past the test .  thanks to u guys are the best...



Sent 6/19/2013


Hello -

I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU for your shampoo product!!!! I passed my DT and landed my dream job.
I will be sure to recommend you to anyone in need!!




Sent 6/6/2013


Passed that shit son! You are a miracle worker.

I'm happy to give you whatever you need for a testimonial and will spend some time spreading the word online.

You should grab a partner who does websites an marketing, because your product is fucking amazing, but your website and labeling makes a customer think otherwise. Can't thank you enough! I hope you make a million dollars off that stuff. Fooled a gc/mass spec. Imagine that.

here's my testimony

"I learned last minute that I needed to take a hair follicle drug test for a great job. I searched online, and every product that I found had someone else on the web calling B.S. on them. Eventually I  found passitkit, and because I'm a science major, I could tell by the language on the website that the guy knew his product worked. I was still skeptical, the website looks a little amateur, but don't worry, this stuff WORKS! 

My usage over the past 3 months was one crazy night of raving (2 pills, 1/2 gram of molly), and almost daily pot smoking. After submitting my use history, I was advised to do 15 treatments (1 set) and a bleaching. I really wanted the job, so I bought two sets, and did 23 treatments with a bleaching and re-dye. Probably wasn't necessary, but better safe than sorry I thought. 

Just got my results today, and I PASSED!!!! Start next week. SUPER relieved, and amazed. Hair test labs use gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy to test for drug use. This is SOPHISTICATED technology, and Hair Razor beat it!! DO NOT waste your money on anything else. This stuff works. Just make sure to submit honest info for the consult, and follow directions. 





Sent 5/29-2013


I just want you to know..... I PASSED MY HAIR TEST!!!!... Your product works !!!! .

Took test on may 21... From April 1st thru 15th... 3 grams cocaine, ...Then  One line on 22nd... One line on 29th ...one line may 9th .... Cut hair to 3/4 inch and did 60 treatments..... Took test on 21st..... PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phycametrics!!!!!!.... Your product is AWESOME!!!!

... Thank you so much!!!!... Total second chance at a good life after being human and making a few bad decisions!!!!... Words cant express my gratitude!!!! ... Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!



sent 3/20/ 2013


I'd first like to say I passed my test ... Hair razor really works I'm so impressed ill tell everyone that ever asks to use this product

Sent from my iPhone




Sent 03/12/2013


Hey there,


I wanted to leave a positive review on your Hair Razor product.

 I have been a daily marijuana for 5-6 years, smoking at least a gram of weed per week. When my dream job made me an offer within just a week and a half of my initial phone interview, I was shocked. The only thing that stood between me and this life changing opportunity was a hair follicle drug test, and to be honest I thought I was screwed. I was apprehensive about the Hair Razor product and obsessed over reading information and reviews,

 I wasn't convinced it would work but I tried regardless. A week after taking my hair test at a Quest lab, I was informed that it came back just fine. Hair razor treatments (Heavy use Double set of 30 treatments ) followed by just one salon bleach and redye (probably wasn't even necessary) enabled me to lower my levels enough to pass a very sensitive test. Don't get me wrong, as a girl with longer thick hair, the treatments were a process and I spent a lot of time getting the reps in, but it was worth it because I PASSED! 


-Grateful in NY



Sent 03/15/2013

December 23 did a gram of cocaine between 4 people. And on January 25 did a line of low quality cocaine.

on march 4th I sent hair to a lab for testing, this was before I started using your product hair razor. I had done a hair confirm test and had failed it the previous week.

I wanted you to know that I had my hair test on Tuesday and I just got the results from HR and I passed the damn test. Hair razor actually worked for me.





Sent Feb 20 2013

I have used Marijuana regularly for the past 3 months almost every day (about 3-4 grams a week) but in the last month have slowed down to a few times a week ( 1-2 grams a week). My last use was on Sunday night (Feb 10th). My hair is about 12 inches long. I got a hair confirm test and the test came back positive for thc metabolite at 1.82 pg/mg

Thank you very much for all the help you have given. I took another hair confirm test after 15 treatments ( 1 set ) to see progress and it came out negative across the board!!

Thank you very much, your product has worked very well for me so far





Sent Fed 15 2013


Just an FYI,


Thanks for the help, it's been three weeks from test, I guess I passed! This was a very sensitive screening.  If I didn't pass I would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Words can not express my gratitude.  My recreational drug use days are over.  I was an opiate weekend user, and most definitely should have failed hair test, however after using your hair razor I passed.  I will recommend this product.





Sent Feb 13 2013

Thank you soooooooo much!!!

I passed my hair test and I start my new job this week. I am so very thankful for your product and recommend to alllllll. I did 25 treatments within a week and stopped smoking a week and a half before.

Dk my levels but I know they were high because I was a heavy smoker for years at least half a gram every 2 3 days smoked daily before I found out about my hair test. Thanku much!!!!! -VGH




SENT FEB 02 2013

Just got my results back after court today. Guess what buddy? Negative 12 month time frame!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much! This monitoring will be stopped tom! My baby won't be living with white trash!

Here's my review

I had to take a court order hair test! I tried some bs routine of using hair products and laundry soap even bleached my hair a little. I tested high at 2475 for meth. I used hair razor and did a rest on body hair. 12 month time frame! Came back negative! This really works and the support is awesome considering I bugged the shit outta them !

DO NOT RUB ON YOUR CHEST! I about fried my nipples off ! Get a lice comb! I know you'll be worried about does this shit really work? You wouldn't be normal if you didn't , I sure as hell did! But trust me listen and do exactly what they say and if you have a little left over do more treatments . This stuff works! Thank you soooooo much!





Sent Jan 23 2013

Just wanted to take s second a say THANK YOU!! passed the hair follicle test and owe it to you... product is everything you claim and more.. thanks again ;)




Sent Jan 7 2013

TEST DATE; aprox 1/10/13 use; 2-3 grams per week of pot. last use 12/30/12 head hair less than 1/2 inch I always have short hair, did not cut because of test.

thank you very much. I still have some left from last time. have already done 10 treatments. I love your product. Have passed 3 times with it. thanks again.



Sent Jan 2 2013

For once customer service that actually cares. Before I chose you I tried to go through Spectrum Labs to get quick fix but they had a recall posted on their site for some of their batches and they had terrible customer service, the lady was real rude, and in a nervous situation like this that's not the bs I need to be hearing if you know what I'm saying. Having this info really reassures me, thanks a bunch!







Sent Dec 21 2012


I just thought I would give you a nice review.


 I was a heavy pot smoker for months smoking almost a gram a day until I quit smoking to find a job. After finding the perfect job for myself the only thing that stood between me and the job was a hair drug test. So i searched the internet and came across Hair Razor.


 Hair Razor was the only product I used to rid my hair of THC and I recently received news that all of my testing came back negative. THANK YOU!!!



Sent   Sat Nov 24  2012

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test! I was skeptical and it was a process, but I followed the directions, and tested negative.

My test was not for a job, but was court ordered by the judge over my child custody case. I am not an addict and I work hard to care for and support my children, I love my children and I am being attacked by my daughters father. If I had failed this test, he would have won, I would have been labeled. I really needed this product to work, and it really did! Thank you!




Sent   Thurs  Nov 9 2012

Hi Passitkit Dude,

Thanks for your help, passed Omega's hair testing. Got the job.




Sent  Thurs Oct 11

Your hair razor saved my life it worked God bless u
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Sent Mon Oct 29 2012

I passed!!!

I was a heavy user of Marijuana for 20+years at least 28-35 grams a week. I purchased the double set of Hair Razor in September and another single order in October. I did 60 treatments total. I had hair follicle test last week and passed!!  This product works miracles. If u can follow directions and give them all the info for consultation, you will pass also. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!



Sent  Tue Aug 7 2012

 Okay so here it goes. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH. I PASSED!!!

Not sure what my levels were but I really don't care at this point bc I got the job!!! (Didn't wanna ask the boss my levels might think that's fishy lol) Concentra did my physical. They don't do a urine test for alcohol its just a breathalyzer. They also took my blood. Im so glad I found your site and didn't go with the other "shampoo" products.

I was nervous because most of the reviews I seen were about thc and not much on opiates. (I WAS an opiate user Over the past 3 months it has been on and off use. I'd say an average of 2 time a week  of heroin ) Im now ready to start an amazing job and just in time to help my family out through hard times. All in all this experience really made me evaluate my life and Now that im clean I will keep it that way because drugs really aren't worth missing out on something like this in life, even though I was just a few times a week user its still enough to keep something like this from you.



Sent Thu Aug 2 2012


Just to give you an update. I'm the guy who had to do 16 treatments consecutively due to leisurely snorted meth use, then took the test the very next day. Something I did on MY personal time was NOT going to stop me from getting a dream job I've worked for all my life at a very large and well known oilfield production company. Now, thanks to you guys, I have passed my hair follicle test (1 1/4" chest hair), after being 2.5 months, and also 12 days dirty!!! You guys are legit, and deserve much due praises from me and my family, and anyone else you have helped. I think I'm a decent person, family man and hard worker who would have been screwed by the government because of their fucked up rules and testing.

Thank you guys so much, and you should feel proud helping people like myself who are not addicts, just normal people who like to have fun once in awhile. Although, I'm clean from now on!!! Keep up the good work, and I'll spread the word about your website, and what you've done for me! $75.00 is cheap for what I got from you. Thanks again, and again, and again!!!
P.S. I KNOW I was dirty, at least 3 grams worth, and passed with 0 trace drugs (they used Psychemedics, the most accurate testing). So If anyone has failed using your product...they don't know how to follow directions, and probably didn't deserve the job they missed anyway ;)






Sent Fri, May 11 2012

I passed my drug test so your stuff really does work, thanks a lot !!!!!!


Sent Sun, 22 Apr 2012

hi, i ordered hair razor in march, when i ordered it i had two weeks to clean up, well the day i got the kit i was informed that my hair test was in three days, i thought i was screwed, i crammed thirty treatments into three days, aside from frying my hair and scalp i passed the test!!!! this stuff freaking works, after 20 years of heavy thc use i passed in three days.     jw




Sent 04/07/12


Found out 3/2/12 that I had a hair drug test. Up until then I was an every day to every other day smoker for the past year. Very high grade stuff too. Quit smoking on 3/3/12. Started using hair razor on 3/19/12, 2 to 3 applications a day until 4/1/12. Had my haircut down to between 1/2 and 1 inch on the top. All body hair was trimmed to take away that option. Had hair test on 4/2/12. Results reported on 4/5/12 as negative.  Thanks hair razor



Sent  4/02/12 

So my results came back negative. Thank you.



Sent 02/15/12

I was a "HEAVY" user for 26 years! yes 26 with very very Hi grade pot. I lost my job due to a company shut down an effect of out great economy! I found a job with another hi end company. It all happened so fast I did not have enough time to stop soon enough. I am talking about 40 days before having to get a hair test, so I did like anyone looking at this did hit the internet. I found many BS sites claiming to fix my problem, I did not have a good feeling about any of them, Until I found PASSITKIT. They where the "only" site with real data on what there products will do . Yes it cost more than other products ( There are a few that are much more than hairrazor that sell "shampoo")  , that's because it works and they know it! How can you put a cost on getting a job these days? So in a panic I ordered one for Pee and one for hair. Then e-mailed them for advice. They told me "Do as we say and you will be OK" putting me at ease

I went thru 4 bottles of apps because I was still POSITIVE home pee tests.  The day cam for the test and I was still peeing +, man was I scared. total I did 60 apps not want to get a break in the hair growth
PASSITKIT saved my ass!!! I got the job... let me tell you guys IT WORKS!!! Thank you ever so much for helping me with out you guys I would still be unemployed.



Sent 01/13/2012

Back in early September I tested positive for cocaine in a hair follicle test performed by AccuTrace Testing in TX. The test results were Cocaine 1,158

I had used recently prior to that test. Since then I snorted two small lines of cocaine around the first or second week in October, Nothing since then. I bought the Hair Razor system and used it once daily until product was gone. I finished the product around two weeks ago. I sent in a hair sample to hair confirm last week and the results were negative for all drugs. I did not do the  "additional treatment"


Sent  01/12/2012


hi my name is greg and i ordered your hair razor . at first i had my doubts because i searched the net for hours and days to find out if anything worked at all. but then i came across your website.. I did my research and came to the conclusion that your product was the best to try.

I had a few things in my system some white and weed and was worried it wouldn't work.. so i followed the directions exactly and come to find out this is the best product out there because i passed , but i want to thank you for your product and also helped me learn the error of my ways..



Sent 12/29/2011

Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I passed my drug test and just got hired by the company. I'm all good. THANK YOU! Your help is much appreciated! Have a great new year! 

 did 8 lines of cocaine and 5 pills of MDMA (ecstasy MDMA test level before treatment was 1747pg/mg  the cocaine must had been JUST under the 500pg cutoff  as it didn’t show on the pretreatment test done by omega the final test was done by QUEST and was at 300pg cutoff  )   




Sent 12/09/2011

I passed! I can't thank you enough! Its truly a pleasure having a constant contact with you nameless savior! I know where to go if I ever need help again in the future!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!




Sent 11/29/11

just wanted to let you know‏    I PASSED!!!!!    Thank you so much!




Sent: Date Wed, November 23, 2011

Ok where do I begin. First off, WOW, I was told on Monday that I got the job and my Hair Drug Screen Test came back negative and I can begin my new job on December 1st. Your product is amazing and I know Hair Razor along with not smoking got me the job! I wouldn't want to have did the hair test without your product, seriously. Such great news I got yesterday. Thanks Hair Razor for all your help on helping me get my body hair cleaned and to pass the test! Good deal. How can I post a message on your web page about me passing my test for others to see like the other folks did, but I don't want to use my name at all as you can understand? Thanks again and I will be buying your product again and again-lol!




SENT : Date ;  Thur , 27 Oct 2011


First off, let me start by saying I don't have anything to do with this company, I am ACTUALLY a client. When I first started out looking for a product, like most people who need to find a way to get toxins out of their hair, I had no idea what to try with so many products that are on the Internet. I read how it worked for people who used pot and cocaine but I didn't know if it would work for opiates (pain pills is what I was on).

 Well after all the research I did, I decided to try hair razor. I received it in the mail and did exactly what it said . I went down and did my hair follicle test and for the next 10 days (yes just because u don't get ur results back n 2-3 days doesn't mean it's positive) I was a nervous wreck. I had ALOT to lose. I know I probably bugged the shit out of the consultation guy, but hell I was scared to death and he was nice as can be. I took STRONG pain meds for several years.

 Well, I finally got my results back and they r NEGATIVE!! So for all of you people who are wondering if this stuff works, HELL yeah it does!!! So quit looking all over the Internet trying to find something to get rid or decrease the toxins I your hair cause Hair Razor DOES work!! They saved me from losing everything, seriously!! I hope this helps and decreases the time all of u people spend doing research to find a product that most likely will not work like Hair Razor does!!    Tks Happy As Can Be   Sent from my iPhone  




SENT: Date Sun,  23 Oct 2011


I had been in contact with you during the last week. I am the person who had the armpit hairs tested after only 4 washes with Hair Razor. I passed the damn test! Thank God. I would have been fired, because I failed the hair test back in January.



SENT: Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011

I was already employed and taking the hair follicle test for a promotion...part of the process...

most of smoking weed was done between May 1st thru mid August, have not smoked since ....I was able to do 15 treatments ...THANK YOU! I tested clean. I got my promotion!



SENT: 10/11/2011

FYI.  I went to get my results from omega and the testing company had the cutoff at 100. I got them to move it to the normal level of 500. Omega has changed my positive to a negative in writing.  My level was 436pg/mg. I had used 3 grams in a weeks time. Took my test on the 6th day of being clean Which would (by prior experience of 20 hair follicle test) have put my levels at 4000 or better when starting the process   Ur product is amazing


Sent Sun 10/09/11 1:57PM

I recently used Hair Razor and was able to pass my hair test. My history - heavy pot smoker for months until about 1 month before test, meaning I still had plenty of evidence in my hair. I called for the consultation, answered all of the questions asked, and did exactly what I was instructed to do. I was extremely nervous about the whole thing, but the Pass It consultant was very knowledgeable, which helped put me at ease. I called several more times during this process, and the phone was answered live each time, which told me you are not afraid to answer your phone, and that you are not worried about having to talk to unhappy customers.

I now have a great job with a fortune 500 company, and I owe it all to Hair Razor. You have an awesome product, but the real value is the customer service, using your personal use history to devise a treatment plan. IF YOU ARE HONEST DURING THE CONSULTATION, AND YOU FOLLOW ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS, YOU WILL PASS THE TEST!! I will recommend this product to anyone.

Ecstatic in North Carolina



Sent  September 15, 2011

Dear Passitkit, First and foremost I really want to thank you for your very informative website and for the very appreciated time you spent on the phone for personal consultations with me on your Hair Razor product.

 I got the greatest news today that I passed my pre-employment drug screen hair test from Psychemedics, which I am absolutely convinced that I never could have done without your help. Up until right at 2 months ago, when I had decided to start interviewing for a new job, I had been smoking pot occasionally on weekends and unfortunately had even done a few blasts right near the end. The last two weeks since I found out I had to take that hair drug screen has been the most nerve racking and stressful I think I’ve ever experienced and I never want to feel that kind of pressure ever again.

I knew that particular test would easily go back 3 months, catching me at a month before I quit, and that scared the heck out of me as I thought I’d have no way of passing and was dreading an embarrassing call that I had failed the test after coming all that way thru the interview process, etc. Anyhow I followed your directions to the letter that came with the product, taking no chances, and completing the treatment sessions over 4 ½ days. My hair was cut short to 1 ½ inches so I had enough to complete a total of 24 sessions when all said and done. Sorry I have no idea what my pre-treatment levels were at but after using your product I was evidently below the standard cutoff levels because I got called within 3 days of having the hair samples taken with a confirmation that everything passed and was given a start date …

This job is a once in a lifetime opportunity for my career and I have you to thank for that now.  




Sent  July 13, 2011











Sent Fri June 3, 2011


Did I tell you that you are my new best friend?

Praying that there will never be a next time. Sent my children to camp this week not knowing that when they returned how I was going to tell them. Thank you for easing my day today as in my children return tonight at 6. We have been through so much and you have been so wonderful through all of this.

Once again can't wait to call you when we come to town and buy you dinner and if you ever make near our way, please call us and we will take you to dinner again.

Have tears of relief and joy in my eyes and thankful for you. pre treatment levels were 2800 pg/ml for cocaine   , after suggested double treatment    test levels were  230 !!!

Thanks again.



Sent Fri 3/11/11 7:18 PM

 THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR YOUR PRODUCT. I am currently going through a court custody battle and my kids father is pulling strings calling me a drug addicted. When in reality I am your social smoker on my free time, everyone needs a break from reality. I had researched it all preparing for this and had pre-ordered Hair Razor. I washed my hair 7 times in a 3 day span before going to take my test. Today my results came back! NEGATIVE! Thank you for helping me, and not letting the courts have any reason to give a 2 time felon (one being a strangulation assault on me) any reason to let him have my little one! I could not thank you more.


Truly Grateful





Date: 03/-04-11

RE: Hair test

 I have bought your product many times with great success! 







From: Amanda ******

Date : 1-14-11

One BIG FAT NEGATIVE is what this test came back as!!!!!  Thank you Hair Razor...glad to finally find a company that isn't a complete waste of money.  Its definitely a whole process with the treatments but WELL WELL worth it!!!


Much love from Texas!!



Sent 12/16/10

From : C.H

I passed the screen.  You guys rock!  I got another Razor wash in the mail. I'll send it back to you guys.





Sent 12/14/10 3:12 PM


From: H Jackson

Thank you guy so much,yesterday(12-13-2010) I received a call from Human Resource .

 When they said every thing was good to go and to come in to do some paperwork I was floored. Thank you and will recommend to family and friends.







Sent 11/01/10

passed the hair test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‏

just found out today that i passed the hair test for a major ********. I had cocaine in my system 5 days before I got this email saying report for a written test, and then hair collection.( I'm so goddamn excited right now!!) but let me finish. I did the coke detox, you guys recommended .  did EXACTLY what my consultant told me (by the way he was saying relax, we got you) and then washed 6 times on Friday before the test, and six more times on the day of (Tuesday oct 20). i sent the first email the day these people took my hair; and have been worried for the past two weeks. you motherfuckers are the bomb man; have not got the job yet, only a background check, and physical which was NEVER a worry; thanks passit; i will tell ANYONE who will listen to ALWAYS KEEP A HAIR RAZOR OR URINE PACK with them. you have given me a chance to make 56,000.00 per year. I WILL NOT FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rockb55



 Sent 10/04/10

I got hit with a surprise test and failed so  I ordered the hair razor and was tested on September 5th and that test came back negative.

thanks man. u guys are awesome. Hopefully I will never have to use ur product again, but if I ever do, I know who to call.

 Thanks again!
Best Regards,



Sent Tue 9-14-10

I passed the hair test!!!  I left you a message.  THANK YOU!!!  Hair Razor works!  It worked for me a very, very heavy THC user for decades. Pretreated my hair the day before I began the wash (Friday).  I

 washed my hair about 8 times per

 day up ‘til the next Friday, which was test day.  I washed my hair 3 times the morning of the test and I didn’t fully rinse out the last application; I let it dry in my hair.  I passed!  And honestly, have no

 desire to become a heavy smoker again. 

 I’ve been clean since the Friday I pretreated my hair…I smoked before I started !  Hair Razor works!!!  Thank you!!  I now have a job @ Frito Lay/ Pepsico!! 




Sent 07/21/10 12:57 PM

Hi , it's Angela ****** from Abbotsford,BC.


Firstly THANK YOU sooo much! I passed my test (whew!) I had an extra three days before it so I did a total of 18 washes. (Had large usage too)... I am sooo grateful for your business!

Looking forward to good results...and I am so happy to be getting my baby back, thanks to you... also staying clean and focused. :)

Thanks again, you rock!!

Sincerely, Angela




Sent 7/13/10 10:53 AM


I just wanted to say thanks for the passed hair test 2 months ago. While I was skeptical at first, I have already told other people about it. Also I wanted to know what the shelf life is, as I have a little left & would like to order another set to have on hand so I don’t have to order again last minute. 

Anyway Thanks!



Sent 6/29/10 5:20

Just to make sure, I did 16 (8/8) treatments and went to a lab on my own 3 weeks ago . Everything came back negative with no traces




From : Ronnie

Sent : 03-19-10

Thank you so much.  Your customer service has been excellent and I appreciate that.

 Warmest Regards,

R. *******


Sent 4/08/10 8:14AM

Just wanted to let u know that I ordered the hair razor couple of weeks ago. I  take Tramadol daily and had to take a hair test.  I took the test last Wed with Mecstat Labs and it came back negative today.  I used the 2 shampoos 4 times daily on 2 days before test day and on test day.  I have been really nervous about the test because Tramadol does show up on hair test from my past experiences and it had been over a week since the test before I got the results. The doctor hade said if it was negative, the test only takes a couple of days but if positive, they have to do more tests to determine what is in it and would be about a week or so.  I had it in my head that it might be positive but NO they called today and it was NEGATIVE.  Thank you so much.  I will order from you in future

Tena *****


Sent 02-23-10 18:30

Even though the website had some grammar, which lead you to thinking its a complete rip-off and scam, I don't know how, but it worked for me. I used it as directed, did 8 treatments and bought a home drug test from Hairconfirm, and everything came back negative... Guess this stuff works



Sent Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 12:57

 Glen ***Gmail wrote: Thanks again have first one on my head now. Thanks for sending all that you did. Keep your finger crossed for me. I will let you know.


Sent 2/06/10 10:56 AM

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I start my new job Monday thank you for your info and help. I will let my special friends know what a great help you have been. When I find my self in need again I will be back. Thank you again could not of done with out your help.


Feel free to post my comments for all.



Sent Thu 11/19/09 7:43 AM

I just wanted to let you know my experience with the HAIR RAZOR.  I purchased the product about two weeks ago and followed the directions to the letter, I was just notified that I passed the drug test and am starting my new job on Monday the 23rd!  I originally purchased another product but when I found your website I decided to try your product and it worked!



Thank You!




Thu 7/09/09 11:17 AM

hey there...just got results...NEGATIVE!...thanks allot to you guys...i should write a favorable "testimonial" for your site. if you'd like,  let me know...thanks again. Roy

(note: this was for cocaine)



Sent 7/07/09 7:09PM

Hey I just wanted to let you know that I passed my hair test. I am thrilled ! I followed the instructions to the letter and got the job!!! I will tell everyone that Hair Razor really works.


From:    mary316

Sent: 06/06/09  0100pm

To: Sales Department (passitkit@hotmail.com)

 I had passed my hair test a few weeks ago ( hair razor) and immediately started smoking up a storm and a week later had a situation that had me needing to take another! , ( just my luck,)  i did have enough left to do 2 more treatments and i just heard im good to go, i passed  again , thanks for all the help and the Hair razor   ; ]




Sent 05/11/ 09 

To: Sales Department (passitkit@hotmail.com)

Me and my wife both do a hair test every other month and have passed 3 times with different use , I would recommend Hair Razor for any type of toxin problem.

thanks again guys,




From: Ashton

Sent: Mon 01/10/09 4:41 PM

To: Sales Department (passitkit@hotmail.com)


I wanted to tell you that your Hair Razor  wash worked perfectly. I washed my hair 4 times, consecutively over a period of 16 hours before taking the test and it came glowing negative.

Thanks, Customer



From: Chuck

Sent 01-13-10

Flying Colors, thanks for your help.



From   FUBANG500
 Date:  Fri, 20 Mar 2009
 RE:     Hair Razor  Transaction

It works !  great product thanks

> --------------------------------------------------------------

From : TopGame Review

Date    02-12-09

this is great, this product works perfectly!



From    Chad T

Date :  Mon,  March 30 2009


Thanks for helping me out, Just letting  you know i passed the hair test ...thanks again




Date:  0119-09

I swear by this stuff......Ive used this company for 8 years+.....Anytime they say I have to test, I pick up the phone and call these guys...... They ship quick and come through on their promise...I don't care if they shoot a nuclear ray at your piss this shit will pass!! Don't settle for less!